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July 25, 2011


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Struggling and channel all your energy to give birth to a work, a word, a thesaurus.
Frantically studying every detail, as if trying to capture the infinite greatness and a second of "flash" , click and then .. part of life is forever engraved in the.... camera. Flower that even you, O man. you can't give life is forever revealed ..
It would know how it is studied, it would fade with emotion .. but you're after glass, and you don't notice your greatness.
And in a moment of naturalness, while your eyes are fixed on the supreme object, another eye is watching you and studying you.
See the world and another world sees you. World which in his turn is deeply studied by another world ..
And that is why are their eyes, to see ourselves. To see our greatness.
Do not stop. It was just a "flash" .

This is me,my camera & my thaughts.

Thank You!
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